Below are videos that I had a primary creative role in, from pitching the idea, to filming, to conducting and lighting interviews, and editing and adding motion graphic elements.

As the Arizona Rattlers entered the playoff season, we themed our marketing around the idea of "Running Through The Desert," and I was able to pitch and produce a hype video centered around the idea, featuring drone shots, motion graphics, and musical edits.

This video is a compilation of all the best moments I captured with the Santa Clara Vanguard. It shows my capability as a video shooter, and shows how well I can capture finer details even in a very fast-paced event coverage environment. 

Working for the Santa Clara Vanguard, I completed a weekly docu-series covering the group, with stories primarily told through interviews with the members. 

This video shows my expertise in storytelling and video editing

In this piece, I captured the ASU Dance team as they prepared for their national competition and created visual effects to accompany the story.

I was tasked with creating a hype video for the ASU Marching Band in 2019, and created a branded piece complete with motion graphics and rhythmic exciting editing.